Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is my maternal Grandpa, Burke Visick Waldon. He babysits for me sometimes and absolutely loves the boys! He had 3 boys of his own (and two girls, my mom and my aunt) and loves being a Grandpa to the little guys! Richard and Garrett call him "Great Grandpa Burke". He was in the Armed Forces Day Parade and is very proud to be a VFW (Veteran of Foreign Wars).

Mischievious Spencer

This is what he usually looks like...meaning, he's always testing the limits. But he's so cute...

Springtime planting

Here are Richard and Garrett planting in the garden at my parents' house. Richard stays outside all day with Grandpa when there is nothing else to do. Garrett will help for a while, then wander inside saying he's done helping. Richard also loves to wear his hood.