Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Church Christmas Party

Each table was given ginger bread making kits and then there were prizes for mystery categories. :) We received honorable mention for Richard's Tie Fighter. :) It was a lot of fun and the boys and even Ben participated in some of the entertainment numbers. The kids sang a couple of church Primary songs and Ben and the Bishopric (leadership) sang a Danish Folk melody a cappella. :) It was pretty good. I was proud of him.

Richard's 9th birthday

 We bought Mini Murphs from Papa Murphys because the boys can top them as they want.
 See Garrett's line of pepperoni?

 Each year Ben and I have made the boys a unique cake. This year we are featuring the Death Star. Richard's only requirements was that it had to be Party Rainbow chip and Star Wars. And cool. :)
 So it is (was) a two layer with homemade strawberry jam holding the layers together with homemade vanilla frosting. (Thank you Betty Crocker for great box cake mixes.) Ben is the creative one so he gets to do the decorating...

The favorite was the binoculars.