Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hiking "The Y"

Richard has been asking for years to hike up "Y" mountain. So on Wednesday night we went up with the youth in our church group. It is a tough hike. Ben carried Spencer on his shoulders at some points. But the 3 boys mostly did it all by themselves. In the first picture you can see Richard in his green t-shirt waaaaay up ahead. He was so excited. 

 I was very pink. Not from sunburn...The last time (and only other time) I did this hike was when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Richard. That was, uh, 9 years ago...
Provo down in the valley. It was fun pointing stuff out. The boys liked pointing out the temple to me, one of the few landmarks they recognize. I should be proud, yes?!

Just some stuff we've been doing

 Cute picture of Garrett all polite at his kindergarten concert a few weeks ago.
 Richard's fish he caught a while back with Jim his instructor.
 My birthday bouquets. The cookies are from Becky and her family and the flowers are from Paul and Janay. Thank you so much!!! They helped me eat my birthday cake too. :)
 Richard fishing at Lindon Marina Harbor.
Spencer and Garrett throwing rocks in the harbor. You can see Richard and Jim through the thrushes there.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fishing at Vivian Park

I enrolled Richard in a fishing class through the Orem rec center. This was his 3rd of 6 weeks and he has really enjoyed it. This week Spencer reeeeeeeally wanted to fish too, so here are his attempts as well. The instructor let's his little group borrow his reels and he even had a little one for Spencer with a weight on the end minus hook so it was fairly safe.
And Spencer looooooves animals. He is always asking to hold any cat, dog, bird, guinea pig etc, and apparently fresh water fish are no exception. The mother of the boy who caught the fish joked that the fish would be harder to catch this time.