Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip to Maryland and Washington DC

 Brigham Young in the Statuary Hall. I couldn't find Philo Farnsworth, the man that invented the TV. But he's from Idaho anyway...
 I know everyone has seen pictures of the capitol building, but this was from MY camera. I learned soooo much about Washington DC. It has given me such a greater appreciation for everything our country stands for and has suffered through.
 Grandpa (who is 87 I might add) and Dad (who is 48 years older than Richard) :) buying our return metro subway tickets. That was fun too. The real deal you know.
 OK, so this is the real reason we all went out to Maryland. My brother Scott married Cate Mumford on August 16th in the Washington DC Temple. It's actually in Kensington. :)
 Scott coming at Dad for a hug
 "Our" side of the family . :)
 The last time we had all three of us together for a shot was at Shannon's wedding reception...I had just returned from the ER with 1 year old Richard who had suffered his first peanut allergy attack. My makeup didn't survive. :) I have to say I got to experience more at Scott's reception than at Shannon's, and I was so glad she and Brian were there to keep me company. If you haven't noticed yet, I am there alone with no children or husband. It was much much easier (and cheaper) this way.

 I liked this one.
 And this one.
 This is Mom with the Nickersons; a family they were close to when we lived in Japan back in the late 80s. They drove down from PA for Scott's wedding. So did another of Mom's high school friends, Nina Rogers. 

Thanks for the support!
 And here they are, Catherine and Scott-I asked Cate to show off her shoes.

Here are Shannon and me in our matching dresses she made us for the reception. I love my sister. :)
This is at the temple visitor center on our last morning in Maryland. We saw the new Joseph Smith movie to kill time before we needed to get to the airport.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

baby cars and mysterious milk cartons

He was playing baby and daddy car and like I said, he saw the camera and that was that.

Starting 2nd grade!

Before the first day of 2nd grade...

 After the first day of 2nd grade. :)The other two just would not cooperate.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Spencer is our technology baby...he says (or yells) "watch" fill in the blank with some description of a movie he likes. His favorites lately are "Bug" for Bug's Life, "King" for Lion King and now "Mouse" for Fievel. He can uh, also insert the VHS correctly into the VCR....(and the DVD if I don't get to him quick enough...)

Our version of "Angry Birds"

Richard gives an explanation of their game; based on the popular online game "Angry Birds." 

And this is what Spencer was doing during all the "Angry Birds".