Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just Spencer talking. :)

Getting into the Fall/Halloween spirit!

 Mom sent me a Halloween Betty Crocker Cook Book so we've been trying some of the recipes. Jack O'Lantern Whoopies Pies.
 The table cloth she gave me a few years ago that I kept forgetting I had. 
 Pancake Ghosts were a big hit this morning. And I loved them because the eyes and mouths were made out of batter with baking cocoa powder. :)

And this is what happens when....

                                                      ....Garrett gets the camera!
                                                              Such art work. :)

Fire Station Visit

 Every Tuesday a few ladies in our neighborhood get together for "Project Group". We help each other with house hold projects, like cleaning grout, painting a room or two or organizing legos while our many children play together. This week we took a trip to the fire station. There were a few extra kids in the group, but all together there were 16 little boys under the age of 4. And one little girl. :) Spencer and I had our cousin Owen along as well.

 Giving Fire Fighter Drew a high five. He put on all the gear they use to stay safe so the kids could know not to be afraid of them if they ever have to be rescued by a fire fighter. Some of them were still nervous. :)
Owen driving the big truck!
                                               All the kids got a turn to sit in the driver seat!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Hawaii T-Shirts!

 Received new shirts from Grandma Margot from their Hawaii trip. Spencer and Garrett had to put them on immediately. :)

 We've been having otter pops outside after school. Each boy picked a color that matched his new shirt. :)

And this has been happening a lot in the afternoon lately...I find him in random places on the floor. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

 The boys love wearing their suits on Sunday. Spencer can now get his socks on by himself. The older two can do everything by themselves and Spencer just needs help with the buttons.
 Here is the famous Mary Kay water proof mascara look. Before...
And After...using the eye makeup remover at Richard's suggestion

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garrett's Birthday Videos

I brought Garrett a balloon and his crown at the end of the day so they wouldn't be distracting. He also got to hand out a baggie of fruit snacks to all his classmates. 
I always love how energetic Garrett is about his presents. 

The party was supposed to start at 5pm. Raining. But, knowing Utah rain I hoped, hoped, hoped it would only last a little while. By 6 the sun was coming back out and it turned out to be warm, not hot, and beautiful. Aah...lovely Utah rain weather. :) So although the weather eventually cooperated with me, my camera didn't. My battery only has 40 minutes of recording time...forgot about that so I only got a few clips. We played some games afterward presents and cake (you know gotta run off all that sugar before bed): shoe scramble, hoola hoopla and  a relay race. They were super fun.

Garrett's 6th birthday

 We got Garrett a bowl chair for his birthday. We put it out in the morning so he found it when he got up. He liked the sign almost more than the chair. We also made a crown for him the day before.
 He wanted a Star Wars Theme cake. Again. :)