Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Garrett's 7th Birthday

 This year instead of making a home made cake we attempted a home made pinata. Making the ball part was pretty easy; (paper mache newspaper around a balloon) but the decorating took about 2 hours, creativity and lot's of glue. :)
The wings are a wire hanger twisted into this shape wrapped in yellow crepe paper and taped with duct tape at the ends. Then I found silver streamer/crepe paper type stuff at Zurchers. (I had gone to Zurchers earlier in the day and bought a bunch of stuff that I thought might be useful.) We cut the strips to varying lengths to give it a wing look and copied it to the other wing.
 We had already wrapped the ball in layers of yellow crepe paper. Glad I bought the huge roll...Then took strips of the silver crepe paper and wrapped it around it to make it look like the Golden Snitch...and finishing touches were some fun starry garland I also bought. It turned out quite fancy and we liked the outcome. It also lasted through quite a beating; each kid got to hit it several times.
 Guess the theme? Ben made hats and wands with the kids. My big part was ordering the glasses online...the shipping was more expensive than the glasses themselves...really hard to find Harry Potter stuff.
 Good bye Golden Snitch!!Garrett got to take the first whack at it.
 Then Spencer and the three little friends we invited over.
 Then Richard
 Gave them all a chance to hit without the blindfold and it finally just fell on the ground,
 So Ben dumped it out.
 There's me in all my 34 week glory...And my parents came, and our aunts and uncles who live in town. Thanks for coming!
One of Garrett's favorite presents. Thanks Hannah!!