Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boys in a box!

We bought a new computer from Costco online and here are the boys playing in the big box it came in. Now our internet (or rather the computer) doesn't take 5 minutes to load a picture!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day program in class

After he received his award they had a short program for the mothers so I got to go to that too, in his classroom. This is just a really short clip because the others are of them singing and take a long time to load...

Richard's award at school

Each month each teacher chooses one student who has shown excellence and present them an award at a school assembly. Parents are invited also. Here is Mrs. Robinson presenting Richard his award. Is it just me, or when she starts talking about the bloody nose does the room quiet down? He was ok, by the way. I went to school that day to give him a clean shirt and make sure he wanted to stay. It was their Easter party that day and he wanted to stay for it. He is a trooper. This little video clip reminded me how proud I am of him and grateful he's my son.

Talking on the calculator

Try to ignore Richard's annoying noises. I thought Spencer was quite cute. He says "Hey-ya" when he doesn't like something that the boys are doing and has been 'talking' on the calculator for quite a while now.

Easter Videos

Pay attention to the children in the background.

And we are working on counting money with Richard. :) That and telling time have been a bit tricky for him.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Richard events

Richard was chosen for the month of May to receive the "Paws-ing to Praise" Award for excellence in his classroom. His teacher present him with a ribbon and a certificate. He was chosen because he does such beautiful (and meticulous) work and is honest in school. I was proud of him! He is reading his certificate while everyone watches. :)

Afterward Ben took the little boys to the neighboring park.

And later that same day Richard's class had a short Mother's Day presentation. They recited some poems and sang songs for us. Then they served their mothers juice and cookies. :) Very grand indeed. :) His teacher is wonderful and provides many opportunities for the parents to be in the class. I have loved this year with her. Richard was so sweet and I am grateful we are together.

Recent randomness

Planting our box garden in the backyard. Richard is planting a cantaloupe plant. Everything is an experiment. We will do our best to water and weed, but we'll see what we get. Garrett is watering onions, and we also planted a red bell pepper plant. We plan to plant carrots, beets, pumpkins, and flowers from seeds and some tomato plants later this month. It'll be fun to see what grows. ;)

Spencer likes lying under that hall and kitchen rugs...silly little guy.

This is Easter morning; the boys showing off their huge chocolate bunnies from my Mom. She mailed them because she really wanted them to have a huge hollow chocolate bunny. Shouldn't every little kid have one? :) And I found edible grass at Rite-Aid, oh, uh, I mean the Easter Bunny brought edible grass this year, and here is Richard pretending to be a cow.

One of our local high schools, together with the Orem fitness center and a whole bunch of sponsors got together to make a community Easter egg hunt. We'd never been to one before, so we braved it this year. It was well organized and executed. We were way back in line and I was wondering how they were going to make it fair. Everyone had to stand around the perimeter of the high school track, then they blew a whistle and everyone ran for the eggs and loose candy. It was fun, but very cold. Ben took Spencer to the 'baby' egg hunt where some parents were just holding their toddlers and picking up the eggs themselves. Cheaters I say, cheaters! It was much more fun to watch the little babies toddle around and pick up the eggs themselves! Ben stood guard over ONE egg until Spencer decided to pick it up. That's right parents, ONE egg- it's about the kids, not the prizes or who gets the most eggs! We came home with some awesome bags that were handed out free and I think 6 eggs among our 3 boys. We had fun. That's what counts.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cate's bridal shower

This is the video I took of Cate (Scott's future wife) at her bridal shower on Thursday. Very fun.