Tuesday, December 23, 2008

RIchard's 5th Birthday

We had 4 little friends over for Richard's Cars themed birthday party this last Friday afternoon. We colored some Lightening McQueen pictures as a time filler while waiting for everyone to arrive, then played "Don't Eat Pete" with their choice of Goldfish crackers or M&Ms. Everyone got a turn to find Pete. The gameboard is a 4 x 4 grid , and on each square you put one piece of something yummy to eat. One child leaves the room while the rest of the players decide quietly which piece is "Pete." Then the child returns and begins eating the pieces one by one. When he unknowingly picks up "Pete", everyone yells "Don't Eat Pete!" It always gets a good laugh. Then we played hot and cold to find a bottle of bubbles for everyone as a gift to take home. The best part perhaps was the race car Pinata that Ben rigged upstairs in our 3rd bedroom. It is the playroom for now, but will soon be occupied by Baby #3. Anyway, each child got a few turns to swipe at it with a golf club, but eventually Ben got to take a big whack at it. It busted open and even shattered a tootsie roll and lollipop. Garrett was quite upset that Daddy broke something. :) Very funny. Then we came down and had cake in the kitchen...the kids liked the Capri Suns more than the cake. Ben and I had a lot of fun decorating the cake. We are getting better each year at getting creative on the cake. I still like the Beach theme we had for Garrett's cake in August, as we had just returned from Hawaii. This picture is of Gavin, our next door neighbor playing "Don't Eat Pete" with Goldfish crackers.

Mall Birthday Dinner

Ben took the boys to the mall the day before Richard's 5th birthday for a special dinner at Red Robin, and of course while they were there they got to sit on Santa's lap. Ben said they were both very obliging and the Santa Claus was very patient and nice. Then they got to ride on the train which they both loved. I, of course, was at work...but my last day was this last Saturday, and with mixed feelings (but mostly happiness!) I don't have to work anymore!!! Hahahahahahah!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling our Car

I hope this is legal; to post an ad on my own blog. But, if anyone is interested, we are selling our 2006 Camry. It is in excellent condition, we are just in want/need of a van. We are taking the big family leap here. :) We have ads posted on craigslist.com and ksl.com. The car has almost 35000 miles, we've had it serviced at the manufacturer recommendation regularly, bought it brand new and absolutely love it! The kbb is about $13,000. It has some feature from the LE, like the radio controls in the steering wheel console (love that!) Drivers side lumbar support and the back seat folds down to make the trunk even bigger than it already is. Look at our ads on craigslist and ksl.com for more info. Thanks!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Day

At Richard's preschool each child has a 'special day' each month where they bring a favorite something. Last month he took his Titanic boat, and this month he took a Beanie Baby that I bought years ago when they were big, and he has since adopted as his sleeping companion. I think it's pretty cute that he likes this white, angel bear :) His classmates liked it too, but it's fun for me to see him in front of a crowd. He's usually quite timid, so this is good for him. :)

2008 Christmas Tree

Here is our Christmas tree...it's 4 years old and is still surviving. Maybe next year we'll get a real one. Richard keeps putting this big blue bow on his head, and then 'unwrapping' himself.

Mr. Goody

Very few people will appreciate this picture, but it has significance in my family...Mr. Goody was a tradition where he 'watches' the kids during the holiday to make sure they're being good. Then he reports back to Santa. Garrett found him and has since taken a great liking to him. Mainly Mr. Goody sits on the piano, but every once in a while I find him in other places. :)