Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas at our House

This was Sunday morning breakfast. The boys LOVE sausage and bacon. And they are broadening their tastes by having strawberries and cream instead of syrup on waffles and such. 

 See the Christmas witch, Mom?
 Mr. Goody is still around!
 Garrett's Santa's toy shoppe house. It was harder than it looks! But this is me we're talking about; I have very little creative skill.
 Richard's gingerbread house. I tried to convince him this could take the place of the edible kind but he wouldn't have it.
I did have a video of me and the older boys putting together their foam Christmas house kits, but Spencer was coughing in it and didn't think anyone wanted to hear that. ;) He has croup...:( And he loves oranges, but will only eat them with a fork.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Richard's past times

Richard has been big into reading "The Magic Tree House" books lately. He reads one in about 2 hours. Yesterday on Black Friday (yes, I braved it for the first time ever!) I got him a beginning crosstitch kit because I stitch and he likes watching me. Here he is trying it out. He is enjoying it even though it is a challenge. I finished Ben's stocking with Carole's help. I started on Spencer's; it will be ready next year. :)

Boys and their Leaves

Ben spent alot of energy raking up our front yard. He even borrowed leaves from a neighbor's yard to make this great leaf pile. Into which he fell. From a tree. He is fine. I mean, he didn't get hurt. :) All of them were outside a good portion of the afternoon while I cooked inside for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, gravy from the turkey drippings (Ben's specialty), green bean casserole, homemade stuffing, homemade rolls, homemade pumpkin pie, and homemade apple pie brought by Sarah. Oh and homemade whipped cream and sparkling apple juice. It was awesome! We love food!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey cookies

Cate shared a Thanksgiving treat with us that her family always did when she was growing up.

Richard at Karate

Richard joined the Karate club at school this semester. Here he is at the showcase where all the kids demonstrate or display what they have learned during club. He paused at the end of the 2nd video because he was waiting for the Sensae to do number 10. But he didn't for some reason and that's what Richard wanted to tell me when he came off the stage. I got a kick out of watching him!

Recent events

 Spencer in a new outfit that my Mom sent him.
 Garrett wearing the robot helmet we made. Richard perfected it of course.
 First snow (luckily most of it is gone already) and Richard quickly made a snowman all by himself. We later put on a carrot nose and the helmet as its head.
 Our first ever UVU basketball game. It was really fun! Spencer wasn't a big fan though. He likes the chips and that was about it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

just a quick brag

Richard likes talking about cells, and how small they are...and tonight he was trying to explain it to Garrett, who is 5. He kept saying they are a quarter and a quarter and a quarter the size of certain objects. Ben interjected that Richard really ought to be saying they are a tenth of a tenth...just to exaggerate their tininess to help Garrett understand better. So then Ben asks Richard "What is a tenth of a tenth?" And GARRETT replied "a hundredth". I gasped and laughed out loud at the unknown genius of my five year old.
And the picture is from when Richard recently guessed Ben's color combination at Master Mind. Little bit of luck involved, but still...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween adventures

We started off our Halloween adventures by joining Ben at his office and trick or treating around to various desks and departments. Most people at Ben's office are always surprised when he says he has three kids; he just doesn't look that old I guess. :) Here they are in the flesh! 
 Garrett wasn't a fan of wearing his Darth Vader mask, but it's still pretty obvious I think.

 Baby Yoda
 Here we are Sarah's house in south Provo. She joined us for some trick or treating after we left Ben at work.
 Storm Trooper Richard.
This was awesome. We really got a kick out of some of the decor that people obviously put a lot of time into. The house next door had a fog machine, music blasting, a couple different colored strobe lights, spooky stuff hanging from the trees, the works!
Thanks for coming with us Sarah!
Halloween in Provo right near our house. 
This morning Garrett decided to put this on. I love how he says 'punkin'. Have I said he likes to play the piano and is getting to be a good reader? That's happy!