Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Halloween adventures

We started off our Halloween adventures by joining Ben at his office and trick or treating around to various desks and departments. Most people at Ben's office are always surprised when he says he has three kids; he just doesn't look that old I guess. :) Here they are in the flesh! 
 Garrett wasn't a fan of wearing his Darth Vader mask, but it's still pretty obvious I think.

 Baby Yoda
 Here we are Sarah's house in south Provo. She joined us for some trick or treating after we left Ben at work.
 Storm Trooper Richard.
This was awesome. We really got a kick out of some of the decor that people obviously put a lot of time into. The house next door had a fog machine, music blasting, a couple different colored strobe lights, spooky stuff hanging from the trees, the works!
Thanks for coming with us Sarah!
Halloween in Provo right near our house. 
This morning Garrett decided to put this on. I love how he says 'punkin'. Have I said he likes to play the piano and is getting to be a good reader? That's happy!

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