Friday, January 28, 2011

Spencer videos

Spencer tells us when he is done eating "want out". My goal is to record him doing his funny things before he realizes I'm taping him. He was happier before I got out the camera.

Here he is singing the Darth Vader theme.

Our ward had a talent show and the Primary kids did a rendition of the Rubber Ducky. They all wore their pjs and showed off a rubber ducky.

Richard has lost 3 teeth now and is proud of the 'window' in the top of his gums.

My parents gave the boys a spray art kit for Christmas, so here are some of our masterpieces. Garrett did the fish andRichard did the butterfly. I did the dragon. :) It was a neat activity, complete with color changers.

The popcorn tin from Christmas has many uses besides holding popcorn. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Eve and beyond

Spencer's almost first shrimp. :) We had homemade cocktail sauce, shrimp, Martinellis and a variety of other fun homemade snacks. Richard made it until midnight. The other boys and I didn't. :) Didn't even try. :)On New Year's Day Spencer turned 2. He is the littlest 2 year old

The boys playing with some of Spencer's new toys. We also got him the "Mahna Mahna" CD by Inside Out. We all love dancing to that. :)