Friday, May 29, 2009

Garrett has no concept of gray area...and Richard has come up with the new fad diet.

Clean car!

And finally, we washed the van this morning...well, the boys did while I posted all these new posts!

Crazy hair!

Richard had silly hair day at school, so we decided to be a little crazy...we DYED Richard's hair blue! And neighbor Gavin got a mohawk! Wow!

We used Koolaid, and it came out pretty easily; we also used toothpaste as recommended online. We also cut his hair this morning and there is hardly a trace of blue left...and it's only been 2 days!

Also, we were asked to have Spencer participate in a research study for BYU. They were studying infants' brainwaves when they look at groups of dots on a screen. So this is his cute little hair net with brain sensors. :) He didn't like it at first (could you imagine?) but he calmed down after a minute and it worked out just as they needed. Good job little guy!

11 Grandchildren!

Here is all 11 grandchildren (from Gary and Margot) that stormed Great-Grandma's Phyllis' and Aunt Linda's house over Memorial Day weekend. The last time we were all together there were only 7 grandkids! We're still awaiting the arrival of #12 in July from Mommy Mindy!

Tracy Aviary

We went with Grandma Margot and Great-Grandma Phyllis to the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake last week. Here is the highlight from last year with Garrett...

There is also a little carnival outside the aviary, and I think that was the high light this year. :)
Ben even got a turn on a Daddy ride. :) I kind of wanted to go to, but he wanted to go more, and someone had to stay with the kiddos. It's ok, I got to go on the Carousel!

Water and dirt

Here are a few pictures of the boys in the garden.
And, Richard had a water party at preschool and luckily Ben was able to go with him. What little kid doesn't love digging in mud and sliding on water slides?... Richard! he doesn't like getting dirty and he needed some coaxing to go down the kiddy slide with water on it! That makes me laugh since last summer we went to Seven Peaks Water Park a couple times a month and heloved it there! He did love the squirtbottles and digging in the sand!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday at Great-Grandma's

On May 10th (which was Mother's Day and my birthday) we journeyed up to Grandma Phyllis' and Aunt Linda's house in Centerville. We go up every few weeks to visit, usually on Sundays. Looking all spiffy in our Hawaii getup. Ben's mother, Margot and sister Stephanie and her family were there for the afternoon also.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2009 garden

The garden this year includes dahlias, strawberry plants in between, one grape tomato plant, one beefmaster tomato, and 2 cucumber mounds. Since these pictures we have 6 cuc plants growing in each mountain, so that's really cool, plus blooms on many of the other plants. I love watching things grow! I also have hanging baskets with wave petunias...hopefully they'll 'cascade' over the edge and look all nifty.

Dinnertime not so fun time

So Ben works at night now, from 4pm until 9 or later. So it's up to me to make dinner, feed people, bathe people, put people to bed, nurse baby, change diapers, and make everyone happy, all by myself...not easy let me tell you! During dinner Spencer is much happier being up on the table with everyone else, so here we are at dinner, and tonight was a happy night because I made quesadillas served with peaches...Spencer makes bubbles when his nose is tickled, so when he's hungry. :)