Friday, May 29, 2009

Water and dirt

Here are a few pictures of the boys in the garden.
And, Richard had a water party at preschool and luckily Ben was able to go with him. What little kid doesn't love digging in mud and sliding on water slides?... Richard! he doesn't like getting dirty and he needed some coaxing to go down the kiddy slide with water on it! That makes me laugh since last summer we went to Seven Peaks Water Park a couple times a month and heloved it there! He did love the squirtbottles and digging in the sand!


Olivia Carter said...

Your garden is awesome. We have a 2 ft by 1 ft patch we might be able to plant in but I kill just about anything I try to do.

PB and J said...

It looks like Richard had a great time. Playing in the water is so much fun once you make your mind up that you're going to be getting really wet!