Friday, May 29, 2009

Tracy Aviary

We went with Grandma Margot and Great-Grandma Phyllis to the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake last week. Here is the highlight from last year with Garrett...

There is also a little carnival outside the aviary, and I think that was the high light this year. :)
Ben even got a turn on a Daddy ride. :) I kind of wanted to go to, but he wanted to go more, and someone had to stay with the kiddos. It's ok, I got to go on the Carousel!


Dobb said...

I don't know if that's really a fair trade... the carousel for a swing ride.....?

PB and J said...

I love going to fairs and carnivals. We get to go the San Diego County Fair on Saturday. It is our family tradition. We look forward to it. I'm glad you got to ride the carousel. For some reason, my kids were afraid and crying when we put them on the carousel at Disneyland last year.