Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fun Videos

I think I have this one on blog already but I love how he responds to me when I say his name.
Notice how he's scratching the couch. And how he smiles big but then shies away. Also, there is a surprise ending to this video. Watch...:) 
Later while we were watching these videos together Henry started talking to 'himself' in the video. Such a sweet little voice. 
He does this with water bottles too; have to have 'em in his mouth!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back home with Henry

Back home
He usually has one sock off because he pulls it off to play with his toes and suck on the sock. And his right leg is always moving. :)

Garrett was involved in the school's production of the Wizard of Oz. He got a front row seat so he could go up and participate at the right time. Good job Garrett!

Feeding the ducks

When Margot told us there was a fun place to feed the ducks I was expecting a couple dozen, maybe. This was more than I expected...I guess I don't get out much. FYI-we left Henry at home with Grandpa for a nap; and it was chilly out.

Trip to Boise and Yakima

 We stopped at Ben's sister Stephanie and family's home in the greater Boise area. They took us to a neat park.
 Cousins Aubrey and Miriam

 Spencer loves Twister.

Then we stayed in Yakima at Ben's parents' home for a few days. We celebrated Ben's and his mother's birthday (they share a birthday) while we were there. 
Nothing better than Red Robin and family on your birthday.

A barrage of videos and pictures

This is what happens when I get behind on posting stuff...and my Mom gives me hard time for not posting. :)
 Look Mom I got both feet!

 Nice football hold!

 Spencer has many fun faces.

 Henry joining us for dinner. Ben and I usually take turns holding him during dinner as Henry usually doesn't want to be on the floor in the bouncer by himself. He has gotten to the point now where he reaches (lunges) for anything close by. And he is astounded at watching us put things in our mouth; especially a drink. We let him sip from a water glass sometimes.

Yeah, we were supposed to be folding laundry, but someone was being cute and distracting.
We LOVE his bubbles and noises! 
They are good little buddies.
This is Garrett at 5 months-like Henry???