Monday, October 31, 2011

Nose tricks and pumpkins

I love laughing with Richard. He has a fun sense of humor. He also lost his 5th tooth this week. The tooth fairy forgot to come two nights in a row...but she finally made it. 

This is the scary spider Ben helped rig up at his office this week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday evening at our house

Spencer has always played with my hair-at church, at home, before naps, cuddling on the couch, it's my favorite thing he does. Finally caught it on tape. :)
  Also, we played tickle trooper. Garrett didn't like it though...Enjoy!

Ward Halloween Party

Saturday night we attended a Halloween party at the church.   The boys were dressed as a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, and Yoda. Ben made the ears. :) First there was a trunk or treat. Very fun and the trunks were all decorated. Ben always likes to get dry ice to make it look spookier. Then we had a chili cook-off and voted on favorites. Spencer liked the corn bread the best. The boys, including Ben, participated in a donut eating contest.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Halloween Decor

After using the same window hangings that my Mom used for who knows how many years, I bought some new ones!...The boys designed the layout.

Trick or treating to the back door

Listen carefully for the little boys' voices.

Wrapping up Richard as a mummy

Kids' Halloween Party

Spencer kept trying to touch Seth's hair, because it was curly and fun to touch, and he was dressed as Buzz.
 We had a 'wrap the mummy' contest. I think Ben did a great job on Richard. :)

 Here are our mummies
 Then the kids (10 of them) went trick or treating from the front door to the back door. We practiced saying thank you a lot. :)

Thanks for the great party Kaatia, Kaari and Annalynn!

Annual Pumpkin Bread bowls

I love Macey's Grocery. They are so family friendly. And I love that they have sushi. And I love their pumpkin bread bowls. The kids ate broccoli soup in the bread bowls! Woohoo! And poor Spencer is getting too big for his own britches; meaning he sometimes fights taking a nap lately, and then we get this at dinner time. :) Ha!