Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me and Ta Da!

Spencer is fluent in "Ta-Da" and "Me!"

Mahna Mahna

There have been several remakes of the muppet "Mahna Mahna" and I don't think their idea was the original one anyway. But we recently fell in love with the a cappella group "Inside Out"'s version of it. And Spencer asks for it by name. Unfortunately I am in this one...but it was a good recording of Spencer. :)

Playing at the mall

Garrett and Spencer playing on the dinosaur and the treehouse slide at the mall after their Dr. appointments this morning. They each got a flu shot and were well behaved so Garrett requested the mall. I happily obliged. :)

Garrett's preschool

Monday was Garrett's first unofficial day at preschool. I got to go with him. We even rode the bus together. Here he is inspecting his new classroom. He loves books and puzzles and make believe. He starts tomorrow going on the bus by himself. The driver is very good at what she does and there is and aide who is also very good with the kids. I am excited for Garrett but will miss him while he is gone.

Sir Lancelot

Richard was chosen to bring home his first grade classroom mascot, Sir Lancelot. He and Tigger became good friends and we had an exciting weekend with him. :) We filled out a page in Sir Lancelot's journal about all the adventures we took him on.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrett!

August 31st was Garrett's 4th birthday. He chose a bug cake. :) The little bugs on it are finger puppets. He got some new Toy Story Pajamas from Grandma and here he is sporting them. We went to the Dinosaur Museum in the morning with some friends and even got to visit with my Dad who was in town delivering my brother Scott to BYU. I am so excited to have Scott down here again. We invited him and Ben's sister Sarah over for pizza and bug cake. It was really fun to have them over. It was a great day. Garrett is great!
The tooth fairy has also visited our house again. :)
I will post some videos of the party when I have a chance to view them. I can't view them on the computers at Ben's office. Just wanted to get these up quickly.
Richard is doing really well in 1st grade. He is always happy and seems to be a better helper at home. He tells me all the rules and procedures of the classroom and seems to have fit in really well. I signed him up for a 4-H club on Thursdays. It's just for 1 st graders. They'll play games and learn to socialize and stuff like that. He is excited. He is such a good boy.

Spencer says "bubba" for bubbles very clearly, "Maaa" for me or if he wants something, and "uh-oh" and "wow" when is excited. Very funny. He loves to be outside and just hanging out with the bigger boys. He and Garrett are neat little buddies together.