Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leaves and express train ride

Stringtown Nightmare Express Train Ride

 It's a neighborhood-turned-train ride. Really awesome and a ton of work went into all this. Here are the boys lined up in front of someone's garage, waiting our turn to board one of two trains.
 The tallest (or biggest) person rides in the middle. Richard is in the car behind us. Garrett was beckoning me to get on before it left without me. It was a fast process.
 At the end of the ride this huge dragon lowers itself nearly on top of us. Creepy. This was the Harry Potter area. There were kids dressed up and swishing wands and a fake owl and Hogwarts paraphernalia around.
On the second ride Spencer and I were right up front so I had a view of the assistant the whole time. :) Spencer was sitting in front of me so I could keep my arms around him in case he got scared. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Boo Treats

 Pumpkin shaped rice-krispie treats with a Milky Way in the middle

Chocolate Mummy cookies

Conference Adventures

 We got to the church building at 9:30am for Music and the Spoken Word. There weren't many people there so we sat right in the front so the kids would have room to spread out all their projects and attention keepers. After the session we ate our picnic lunch in the Nursery room. Then we drove up the canyon to take some pictures. I am grateful for Conference at this time. It was a good uplift for me and helped me remember what I need to be focusing on to be closer to Heavenly Father and my family.

On Saturday during Conference the boys cut out the pictures of the General Authorities and matched them to their chair. When they were speaking they moved them to the pulpit. It's a simple easy thing but they really enjoyed it and I hope it helps them put the name with the face. :)

Hiking the Y

 So remember on Friday when it was raining off and on all morning? This is what we were doing. We're from Washington. :)

 It really is an awesome experience, if you can handle it. :)
 Love this one.
 It only sprinkled on us a little bit on the way up; but it was raining for most of our trip down.
 We were glad we did it though. When we got home we threw the boys in the bathtub to clean and warm them up. Then we had hot chocolate. :)