Saturday, October 13, 2012

Conference Adventures

 We got to the church building at 9:30am for Music and the Spoken Word. There weren't many people there so we sat right in the front so the kids would have room to spread out all their projects and attention keepers. After the session we ate our picnic lunch in the Nursery room. Then we drove up the canyon to take some pictures. I am grateful for Conference at this time. It was a good uplift for me and helped me remember what I need to be focusing on to be closer to Heavenly Father and my family.

On Saturday during Conference the boys cut out the pictures of the General Authorities and matched them to their chair. When they were speaking they moved them to the pulpit. It's a simple easy thing but they really enjoyed it and I hope it helps them put the name with the face. :)


Gayle Daly said...

I love your general conference visual...what a great idea. You are doing an amazing job teaching and giving your boys valuable and meaningful activities. I love the colors of the leaves and fun pics.

*Alice Anne* said...

That is such a cute idea!