Monday, November 2, 2015

 Met up with our good friends the Jensens for a BYU Carillon Bell concert on campus. All the kids are growing up!!!

 Paul and Janay and their two sons met us there too! The BYU students who play the bells have to walk/climb up 100 stairs to get up there. I did it. It was hard. The bells are played like a piano keyboard, but you don't use your fingers. You use your fists. It was pretty incredible. We were at BYU campus for years as students and I never knew any of that.
The local Dinosaur museum had a fun little outdoor carnival. They wouldn't all hold each picture was blurry.

 Cutest. Dragon. Ever.
 Pretty dangerous alright.
At the ward party. 

 My first Halloween costume. Had to get a selfie or it wasn't going to happen.