Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Jack O Lanterns

We have been watching the Japanese Animation movie Totoro lately. The kids really like it. I saw it in 4th grade I think...anway, so that is he 'cat' like pumpkin in the back. I helped Garrett with his in the middle and I carved the nonsensical Christmas tree.

Richard barely had any help. Yes, we let the 6 year old use a little saw knife...

Halloween Parade

The KSL 5 news helicopter landed on the lawn of Richard's school the day of their costume parade and so some of the kids were on the news. I filmed Richard for my own records. :) And then we followed Richard's class back to their room for their party. I was able to step in for a minute and help and Garrett and Spencer were very good.

BYU Halloween Carnival

BYU had a carnival set up for families so we went with Scott and his friend Nicole. It was a lot of fun and very family friendly. I'm glad we went.

First Snow on October 27th

We went outside at about 7:20 that morning so we could put the first footprints in it. :) Then we played at Richard's school playground. I don' have boots for Spencer so he had to sit in the stroller.