Friday, June 28, 2013

Camping Excursion at Mirror Lake, Utah

Our family friend, and principal at Timpanogos Elementary, Diane Bridge invited us up to the camp ground she and her husband host during the summer. Mirror Lake is out past Heber, Kamas and Francis Utah. About 10,000 feet in elevation and there is nothing else out there. :) It was beautiful. 
 Lunch: crackers and cheese and other easy to pack foods.We bought a second tent last year. Growing family is great! They are so much fun!

 The boys found a grove of trees as we walked the mile around the lake. It was a sturdy walk; not really a hike; which was fine for me considering the elevation and my current pregnancy status.
 That is a pile of snow off the walking path.

 Dinner: Hot dogs and Chili and S'mores
 Fishing in the morning; Didn't catch anything...bummer.
 On our way home we stopped at Provo River Falls.

I like this one...:)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weekend in Vernal, Utah

 Picnic lunch at the Dinosaur National Monument in Jensen, Utah; just outside Vernal. It is a national park and is filled with hiking trails and lot's of beautiful mountains and rocks. (Utah mountains). We didn't hike considering the heat and I don't do well in the heat, espiecally when pregnant.

 Riding the shuttle tram up to the Dinosaur quarry.
The quarry is all enclosed to protect the fossils from weather and bad guys. At the quarry you can touch some of the bones and they have maps along the wall to explain what you're looking at. There was also a short kids' activity where the kids completed a booklet all about the quarry and then became Jr. Rangers; complete with Ranger badge as you'll see in later pictures.

 On the tram heading back. :) Good job Ben.
 The "Cowasaurus"...I don't mean me. :)

 We also stopped at the Vernal Temple. It was a tabernacle and then they gutted it in 1997 and converted it into a temple. Sound familiar?

There were several huge dinosaurs throughout town and we wanted to get a picture at each of them. :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1st Playing at Burraston Pond in Mona, Utah

Some friends from church invited us up for the day playing in the big pond with rope swings and a canoe. Thanks Thompsons, Hansens and Jensens for a great day! I love to swim, and I brought my suit, but I was too much of a wimp to get in the cold water. I promised if anyone was drowning I would jump in...luckily I didn't have to. :)

Memorial Day Bike Ride

The boys were all good sports; especially Richard. He is not a great bike rider but stuck it out. He even had two pretty bad crashes but survived. It was a fun day. I haven't ridden my bike in years.
Of course we had to play at  Bridal Veil Falls as well.

 Spencer got to ride in Marie's bike trailer with his pal Lincoln.
Garrett got to ride tandem (sort of) with Bishop (Mike) Jensen

Last day of school

 Last day of third and first grade!

Park City Family Resort Vacation with THE JENSENS!