Thursday, December 30, 2010

Been a while

This is as close to Santa as Spencer would get. :)

Each of the boys got a wooden car kit to paint and glue from the Thorntons for the birthdays, so here they are modeling them.

This is a Lego pirate set Richard got from my parents for his birthday.

They all love to color, which I love!

Bowling for Richard's birthday. They all wanted to go 'real bowling' instead of Wii bowling. :)

Since my last post we've had Thanksgiving, Christmas pictures, bowling,Richard's 7th birthday, Christmas and life in general. I don't have a lot of time to spend online as it is done at the library in short increments, so here are some pictures!

A new face he's learned to pull. He'll be 2 on Saturday.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Jack O Lanterns

We have been watching the Japanese Animation movie Totoro lately. The kids really like it. I saw it in 4th grade I think...anway, so that is he 'cat' like pumpkin in the back. I helped Garrett with his in the middle and I carved the nonsensical Christmas tree.

Richard barely had any help. Yes, we let the 6 year old use a little saw knife...

Halloween Parade

The KSL 5 news helicopter landed on the lawn of Richard's school the day of their costume parade and so some of the kids were on the news. I filmed Richard for my own records. :) And then we followed Richard's class back to their room for their party. I was able to step in for a minute and help and Garrett and Spencer were very good.

BYU Halloween Carnival

BYU had a carnival set up for families so we went with Scott and his friend Nicole. It was a lot of fun and very family friendly. I'm glad we went.

First Snow on October 27th

We went outside at about 7:20 that morning so we could put the first footprints in it. :) Then we played at Richard's school playground. I don' have boots for Spencer so he had to sit in the stroller.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bunk beds!

So this set is usually $400 but we got it for just under $200. We felt like it was a pretty good buy; I like the color and it is sturdy enough for our needs. Here are some adventures on it. We did have to leave the bottom rung off so the baby won't climb without us being right there. :) And so since we kicked Garrett out of the toddler bed Spencer inherited it. He likes it just fine but still wakes up at night, I guess he's disoriented and not all incased like he was in the crib. He'll figure it out.

Garrett's special day at preschool

Garrett got to bring a toy to school for his 'special day' and so I went for a little while too. They sang some funny songs and also started their assessments. So this is Garrett cutting out a teddy bear. He was slow and methodical (and using his left hand apparently) but it was fun to watch him concentrate. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanks Everyone

I really appreciate the comments and that that posts are entertaining to you. :) I don't get online very often so that's why they are few and far between. But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who views our blog. Keep in touch!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me and Ta Da!

Spencer is fluent in "Ta-Da" and "Me!"

Mahna Mahna

There have been several remakes of the muppet "Mahna Mahna" and I don't think their idea was the original one anyway. But we recently fell in love with the a cappella group "Inside Out"'s version of it. And Spencer asks for it by name. Unfortunately I am in this one...but it was a good recording of Spencer. :)

Playing at the mall

Garrett and Spencer playing on the dinosaur and the treehouse slide at the mall after their Dr. appointments this morning. They each got a flu shot and were well behaved so Garrett requested the mall. I happily obliged. :)

Garrett's preschool

Monday was Garrett's first unofficial day at preschool. I got to go with him. We even rode the bus together. Here he is inspecting his new classroom. He loves books and puzzles and make believe. He starts tomorrow going on the bus by himself. The driver is very good at what she does and there is and aide who is also very good with the kids. I am excited for Garrett but will miss him while he is gone.

Sir Lancelot

Richard was chosen to bring home his first grade classroom mascot, Sir Lancelot. He and Tigger became good friends and we had an exciting weekend with him. :) We filled out a page in Sir Lancelot's journal about all the adventures we took him on.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Garrett!

August 31st was Garrett's 4th birthday. He chose a bug cake. :) The little bugs on it are finger puppets. He got some new Toy Story Pajamas from Grandma and here he is sporting them. We went to the Dinosaur Museum in the morning with some friends and even got to visit with my Dad who was in town delivering my brother Scott to BYU. I am so excited to have Scott down here again. We invited him and Ben's sister Sarah over for pizza and bug cake. It was really fun to have them over. It was a great day. Garrett is great!
The tooth fairy has also visited our house again. :)
I will post some videos of the party when I have a chance to view them. I can't view them on the computers at Ben's office. Just wanted to get these up quickly.
Richard is doing really well in 1st grade. He is always happy and seems to be a better helper at home. He tells me all the rules and procedures of the classroom and seems to have fit in really well. I signed him up for a 4-H club on Thursdays. It's just for 1 st graders. They'll play games and learn to socialize and stuff like that. He is excited. He is such a good boy.

Spencer says "bubba" for bubbles very clearly, "Maaa" for me or if he wants something, and "uh-oh" and "wow" when is excited. Very funny. He loves to be outside and just hanging out with the bigger boys. He and Garrett are neat little buddies together.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just being brothers

Garrett and Richard would wear their shark and whale shirts every day if I didn't have to wash them occassionally. :) They love naming their toys and things they build by adding an ending to the toy. Like, Garrett's pet shark is creatively named "Sharky" . Spencer has also been dubbed "Spency". But because Garrett is a bit lazy with his 's' sounds at the beginning of words it sounds like "Betsy". We are working on that. :)

Here are just some fun pictures of the boys together.

First Day of First Grade!!!!!!!!!!

This was before school in front of our house. Richard's class starts at 8am! He is sporting his awesome new Star Wars Legos backpack and Darth Vader lunch bag. I actually enjoy making lunches for him...we'll see how long that lasts, right?! Ha! We were really prepared...chose his clothes the night before, lunch made, etc. I feel like I've accomplished something too! I am just as excited about school as he is! He is such a good boy.

And these pcitures were after school. Richard looked a bit like he was in shock! But he was happy and really loves school. He talks about it a lot. His favorite part is writing-ha!!!! Garrett is excited to possibly start preschool at the end of September.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping and First 'loth' tooth

We went camping at Nunn's Park up by Bridal Veil falls last weekend. Ben tented it with all 3 boys! Ha! Everyone had a great time and even slept well! I got to be at home in my own bed and sleep all the way til 7am without being interuppted! (I am not too fond of sleeping in tents.)

Also, Richard lost his first baby tooth, with another on the way! The tooth fairy left him 50 cents too!