Thursday, December 30, 2010

Been a while

This is as close to Santa as Spencer would get. :)

Each of the boys got a wooden car kit to paint and glue from the Thorntons for the birthdays, so here they are modeling them.

This is a Lego pirate set Richard got from my parents for his birthday.

They all love to color, which I love!

Bowling for Richard's birthday. They all wanted to go 'real bowling' instead of Wii bowling. :)

Since my last post we've had Thanksgiving, Christmas pictures, bowling,Richard's 7th birthday, Christmas and life in general. I don't have a lot of time to spend online as it is done at the library in short increments, so here are some pictures!

A new face he's learned to pull. He'll be 2 on Saturday.

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burlingtonbabe said...

All these pictures are great! Richard looks so much older. Garrett is as cute as ever and Spencer look a lot like you in the shirt and tie picture. Of course, I don't imagine you wearing a shirt and tie. :) Thanks for posting these pictures and keeping us updated!!