Friday, April 12, 2013

The Jungle Book Musical

 Garrett was a 'bush' and danced and sang. Richard was a wolf, then changed to an elephant, then changed to a vulture as his main character. It's been so fun! Tomorrow is our final show with dinner catered from Ruby River.

 Ben made the palm tree

Our after school 4-H program is fantastic!!! Read about it in the Daily Herald

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

At least Garrett is expending some energy after watching Conference for 2 hours. :) This is his favorite past time as of the last few months. I love it! The show starts on Thursday! We're so excited!!!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tracy Aviary Trip

 Waiting for the FrontRunner. :) It was a bit chilly when we started out but luckily the weather warmed up later in the day.

See the Bald Eagle in the background?
 We had to get a picture of Richard with the vulture since he is a vulture in the elementary school music "The Jungle Book" :)
 Love those interesting.
This swan was sleeping on one leg and the kids thought it was pretty funny.

Easter Weekend Activities

 We tried a couple of different venues this year for Easter. First we went to Smith's Grocery at 8:30 where they had donut holes and juice for breakfast. Then the "Easter Egg Hunt" consisted of three different aisles for three different age groups, the workers dumped the candy and yelled 'go'. Since there were only about 20 kids participating it was super easy and we got a ton of pretty good candy. :)
 So after we cleaned the church building we headed to BYU for their big Easter Egg hunt. By the time we got there someone from the crowd had already yelled 'go' so it was over before it was supposed to begin. Ben and I didn't feel bad that our kids missed out because they already had a sackful of candy from Smith's. :) It was just disappointing how some people are so obsessed with getting their kid the most and the best at the expense of others. We still had a good time.
 Then of course we got to decorate eggs. Sarah came over to play too. We got a "Star Wars" themed dye kit; meaning it had color tablets and shrinky dinks that were star wars theme and 3D so the kit came with 3D glasses...:) It was a small novelty.