Friday, April 27, 2012

Garrett's Kindergarten program

I think this was the cutest song ever. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Virtual tour

Visiting and more boy and house pictures

 For Easter Sunday we went to Sandy to visit my Uncle Craig and his wife Lynette. My brother Scott and his wife Catherine were there also, as well as Craig's son Aaron and Lynette's daughter Lisa and her husband Ed. It was a nice meal and a fun get together.
 It wasn't just the boys who enjoyed the big exercise ball. :)
 Uncle Craig posing with his new book that he co-authored. :) Congrats!
 Garrett recently hit his chin on a cement floor and it was turned all kinds of various colors. The other day the boys decided to be twins, matching chins and elbows included. Richard even walked around slouching for a while so he would be the same height as Garrett. :)

 Our new apartment. We have to do something with that front garden. :) Bring it on!
 There is the van in the back. Ben parks next to me too.

Moving in!

 This is the stuff I brought down in the van. (We moved from south Orem to Central Provo.)
 This is what our mover friends hauled in from the truck for me to play with. Good thing we didn't have any couches.
 Our new dining set. My pretty new kitchen. Before it was full of stuff.
 A few days later. :) In use and still a big mess. Anyone want a microwave cart?
 All this unpacking and moving makes me tired too.
 Flossing on the front stairs. The other thing they like to do on the stairs is jump off them and throw balls up to each other. Fun game. The only time the upstairs neighbors say they can hear us. I'll take that. :)
 Living room after 5 days. Very satisfying. I almost don't want couches. Lot's of room. :)
Here are the new couches. They're bonded leather. The love seat is just the same.

Last pictures from this apartment!

 Just being silly. :) He is potty trained! Woohoo!!!! Dry at night also!!! Woohoo!!! I sold off all the pull-ups Woohoo!!! Anyone want size 3 Huggies diapers?
 This is Garrett's grass man he made at Kindergarten.
And Richard's bean plant did pretty well...for a while. :) These are their final days. :)