Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School!

 Ben and I got up together to make a nice waffle and sausage breakfast for the boys. The only problem was that they weren't really hungry...oh well. It was worth the effort. Like Richard's new shoes? Bright vibrant colors are totally in. :) Or rather, it's hard to find anything that isn't super bright.
And while Richard and Garrett were at 4th and 2nd grade, we played with Spencer at home. We put together the card board fort/house that Grandma Margot and Grandpa Gary gave us and he, I mean they, had a ball. :)

New sleeping arrangements

 While I was in St. George with the boys, Ben and his sister relocated the bunk bed from the littlest bedroom to the next biggest where Garrett and Spencer will now sleep. Spencer is upgrading from a toddler bed to the bottom bunk. :) He struggled a bit the first night but now is fine.
 Then a few days later our new investment, a home built loft bed, arrived for Richard. We put his dresser and my glider underneath. He will share this little bedroom with baby when he comes. Plus, the loft is great for a fort.
A view of the bunk bed room. We are really happy with how things turned out. We're crowded anyway, but this will work.

Utah County Fair

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house in St. George

 They loved sleeping in the closet
 And playing Connect Four, Chess, checkers, and operation with Grandpa. We even worked in a game of Muggins, a great kids' card game.
 Of course we had to get some Legos out.

 At my nephew's first birthday Shannon and I compared bellies. We are one week apart. She is having her second baby, first granddaughter for our family, and I am on my fourth son.
Didn't want to leave brother Scott out. :)
 Playing at one of the many splash pad parks that St. George has to offer. It's a lot of work going to the park-really hot!
 Garrett playing piano for my grandparents.

 Spencer after a morning at the park. :)