Friday, May 29, 2009

Crazy hair!

Richard had silly hair day at school, so we decided to be a little crazy...we DYED Richard's hair blue! And neighbor Gavin got a mohawk! Wow!

We used Koolaid, and it came out pretty easily; we also used toothpaste as recommended online. We also cut his hair this morning and there is hardly a trace of blue left...and it's only been 2 days!

Also, we were asked to have Spencer participate in a research study for BYU. They were studying infants' brainwaves when they look at groups of dots on a screen. So this is his cute little hair net with brain sensors. :) He didn't like it at first (could you imagine?) but he calmed down after a minute and it worked out just as they needed. Good job little guy!


bedelia said...

Nice hat, spencer.

Keriann said...

How fun! Love the blue hair! I wish they had done something like that when I was a kid in grade school. Oh well.

I just wanted to comment so you know I do look at your blog regularly.

Dobb said...

Wow, you really get into the school things..... we usually just do her hair crazy with pony tails etc... But it looks cool !!!

PB and J said...

Spencer looks so funny and cute! How interesting that BYU wanted to experiment with infants' brainwaves. Did you get any money for doing it? You are always so willing to help out with research studies. Take care. We miss you.