Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas at our House

This was Sunday morning breakfast. The boys LOVE sausage and bacon. And they are broadening their tastes by having strawberries and cream instead of syrup on waffles and such. 

 See the Christmas witch, Mom?
 Mr. Goody is still around!
 Garrett's Santa's toy shoppe house. It was harder than it looks! But this is me we're talking about; I have very little creative skill.
 Richard's gingerbread house. I tried to convince him this could take the place of the edible kind but he wouldn't have it.
I did have a video of me and the older boys putting together their foam Christmas house kits, but Spencer was coughing in it and didn't think anyone wanted to hear that. ;) He has croup...:( And he loves oranges, but will only eat them with a fork.


Olivia Carter said...

Aw, looks so festive! We're getting our Christmas tree tomorrow for FHE I can't wait to feel all Christmas-y!

burlingtonbabe said...

Great video!! They always want to see what you are filming when you are filming it!! And spencer is getting so big!