Friday, December 9, 2011

More Christmas stuff

 I cross-stitched Richard and Garrett each a stocking when they were really young. Then I started one for Ben before Spencer was born. Uh, I just finished Ben's stocking last month. :) My friend Carole let me use her sewing machine to sew it completely together and then she made each of the boys a dinosaur stocking. (To show me up) :) Just kidding. They are so cute! Since I couldn't decide which ONE to hang for everyone, I hung them all up! Carole made me the snow lady one to match Ben's snowmen family stocking and my sister Shannon made me the kitchen theme one years ago, which is why I started making some for our family in the first place. Shannon always inspires me. :) I asked the boys which one they want Santa to fill and of course they said 'both'. Hmmm.

 At the ward Christmas party last night all the boys loved seeing Santa. I am glad Spencer is over his fear of Santa. I mean, I know most little kids are nervous around Santa, all my kids went through their phase also. But I'm glad we've passed that mile stone. :) I tried uploading an adorable video of them here, but blogger didn't like it, so I put the video on my facebook page. Please go see it!!
But he was ok afterward. They didn't even begin to start the kids' games until after 8:30pm though and Ben and I wanted to leave, so then Richard got upset again. Poor guy. Never gets what he wants.


Olivia Carter said...

Looks like so much fun!

burlingtonbabe said...

Well, you are one up on me Corinne! I still have yet to make stockings for my family. You have just motivated me! They look great!!!