Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling our Car

I hope this is legal; to post an ad on my own blog. But, if anyone is interested, we are selling our 2006 Camry. It is in excellent condition, we are just in want/need of a van. We are taking the big family leap here. :) We have ads posted on and The car has almost 35000 miles, we've had it serviced at the manufacturer recommendation regularly, bought it brand new and absolutely love it! The kbb is about $13,000. It has some feature from the LE, like the radio controls in the steering wheel console (love that!) Drivers side lumbar support and the back seat folds down to make the trunk even bigger than it already is. Look at our ads on craigslist and for more info. Thanks!

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Olivia Carter said...

Moving up in the world to a van! Very cool- one more baby added to our family & we'll have to do the same!