Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garrett's Birthday Videos

I brought Garrett a balloon and his crown at the end of the day so they wouldn't be distracting. He also got to hand out a baggie of fruit snacks to all his classmates. 
I always love how energetic Garrett is about his presents. 

The party was supposed to start at 5pm. Raining. But, knowing Utah rain I hoped, hoped, hoped it would only last a little while. By 6 the sun was coming back out and it turned out to be warm, not hot, and beautiful. Aah...lovely Utah rain weather. :) So although the weather eventually cooperated with me, my camera didn't. My battery only has 40 minutes of recording time...forgot about that so I only got a few clips. We played some games afterward presents and cake (you know gotta run off all that sugar before bed): shoe scramble, hoola hoopla and  a relay race. They were super fun.

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