Friday, July 25, 2008

Las Vegas

I've finally been to Las Vegas! We drove through it at 3am in August of 2002 for our first anniversary on our way to Disneyland. Our car had no air conditioning, so we thought we'd 'beat the heat' by traveling at night. I vowed we would never, ever, travel at night with no air conditioning ever again. Well, we forgot. We had air conditioning this time, but Garrett was not happy about the long car trip to Las Vegas, so on the way back we decided to drive during the night....I have vowed again to never, ever, drive at night. It's miserable!!! The boys slept fine and Ben drove fine, but I was not too happy...could not sleep!
Here is a picture of the lions at the indoor lion habitat in the MGM casino and me and the boys at the Rainforest cafe where we had dinner before we left the city. We also went to the Bellagio (Yea Ocean's 11!) to see the water show. Very cool. We stayed with my sister and her husband in their beautiful new home in Las Vegas for the weekend just for fun. Went swimming and pretended we could live there. :) Too way!

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