Thursday, June 18, 2009

Comings and goings

Richard had his first bee attack on Tuesday evening. He loves bugs and The Bee Movie and I think more than the physical pain was the realization that not all bugs are nice. I'm pretty sure it was actually a wasp that bit him because I couldn't see a stinger. I gave him some benadryl and an ice pack, but talk about trauma! He was hysterical for the first couple of minutes with huge alligator tears and screaming! I think the Benadryl calmed him down and that I sat with him. There is a good part about this though, we now we know he's not deathly allergic to bee stings (or wasp bites).
We also went to the fire station this week with a bunch of kids from church. See all those boys? I took pictures of our neighbors, Amelia, Jonah and Nolan, but wasn't sure where to put them, so here they are. Also, Ethan is wearing the full fireman getup. He said it was pretty heavy! It was fun to watch all the kids climb into the ambulance and we got some pictures of a bunch of them sitting on the front of the fire truck. We did this same activity exactly 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my how time flies.
Spencer is attempting to roll over, he gets onto his side to look at something and stays that way for a while, then flops back to his back. Garrett no longer calls Spencer "Besson", but Ben and I do! It'll be one of those family nicknames that sticks: "Besson". Now Garrett calls him "Bensa". Luckily Richard is still "Weesho." Richard is getting too big for his little training wheels bike...might have to watch the sales at Toys R Us for a bigger one. Hmm, craiglist might work too. I bought something for Ben for Father's Day on Craigslist, but just in case he actually looks at the blog between now and Sunday I won't say what I got...I love and craiglist, they are dangerous websites! Too many interesting and fun things to see there!

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Olivia Carter said...

Boo! I wish I had been in town so I could go! Next activity I guess!