Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Piano lessons and such

We recently made a new chore chart in which Garrett and Richard can earn a sticker (which they can later redeem for prizes) for playing the piano and other chores that they are fully capable of doing themselves. (making their bed, brushing their teeth, clearing the dishes to the sink, playing with Spencer, reading, etc.) I supervise most of these activities, but the point to some of them is so I don't have to be hanging over them. Piano is one exception. I am trying to formally twice a week really sit down with them and help them improve to a new song, or if I hear that they need help I'll come to teach. But I've been blown away lately where they'll just go over and start playing all by themselves. (I'm sure the chore chart has nothing to do with it, it's solely intrinsic. Ha!) But the best part is is that they do seem to enjoy it. Which makes me VERY happy.


Alan and Jeni said...

He is SO cute! How old is he now? I'm impressed that he plays the piano already, but then again he does have you as a mom. :) I so miss having you near to teach piano to our family. Alan's been trying, but it's just not the same.

burlingtonbabe said...

The boys are lucky to have you as their Mom! Very impressed with Garrett!