Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No injuries this time with the fire and it really was a fun, and almost relaxing experience. No messy dinner (we had baby sausages and S'mores) and the weather was pleasant. (Except for the WIND while I was trying to put up the tents-by myself!) Ben met us there after work. 
 Nunns Park up Provo Canyon is our favorite camping spot for now. It's close, cheap and just right for a day away from home. The falls are just a nice walk away.
 Spencer enjoying his S'more. :)
 Richard recently conquered his fear of riding a bike without training wheels and now he loves it, but is still getting the hang of it.

In the morning the two older boys rode their bikes while we tagged along behind. We walked along Bridal Veil Falls. I always forget how cold it gets at night, but luckily I packed warm clothing for the morning. :) Next time I will get it right.

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Gayle Daly said...

How exciting to hear that Richard is riding a bike now. Your mini camping trip looks like it was a good time. I don't see any pictures with you in them Mommy!