Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 4th celebrations

 Parade along University Avenue in the morning. It was hot! Garrett is on Grandpa Gary's shoulders behind Ben. After the parade we walked to a 7-11. The boys were also introduced to 7-11 Slurpees for the first time. May have been my first time too...
 Got the pool out in front of the house after the parade to cool off.

 Real men work in the kitchen.

 Our delicious shishkabob grilled dinner.
 THE BOX of fireworks. :)
 The boys made fire works hats at the library.
 Such a fun day!!!
 The next morning the boys are doing what they do best when Grandpa comes: play with his IPad or IPhone, and then take turns. :)
Grandma Gayle sent them each a new outfit. Thanks Grandma!

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Ironman38 said...

What a nice surprise tonight to find your post. the pictures are all great and the videos too. I'm happy to see the big boys in the clothes I sent. Looks like quite a feast for the 4th. thank you for posting pictures. the boys are growing and are the most handsome little boys in the world. Love, Mom