Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Summer Visits with Family

I bought Spencer new socks this week with fun bright designs. He really likes them. 
Ben's sister's family, the Olsens' came down from Seattle this week. It's been really fun spending time with them and letting the kids get reacquainted. This is our 4 year old cousin Jacob. He and Spencer got to be little buddies. 
We spent a good part of Monday at Trafalga with our Olsen cousins: bumper boats, the Frogger, mini-golf, lazer tag and pizza and Dippin' Dots. Spencer really likes the Frogger; it's just a bit hard to believe. :)

 We've been to a few Orem Owlz baseball games this summer. I really like baseball and have tried to help the boys get in the spirit of the game. The boys have a free membership so they get fun little prizes at each game, including free admission which is fun for me. :) Scott and Cate have come to a few of the games with us.

 We had a short visit with my Grandpa. He is 89. Then he traveled on down to St. George with us to visit my Mom and Dad's family.
 This is at my parents' new house in St. George.
 This is my sister Shannon's little boy.
 I forget how much the boys LOVE playdough. I made some fresh playdough, even let them pick two different colors.
Me at 27 weeks. Now I am 28. :)

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burlingtonbabe said...

I really love the pictures you take and how you capture all the fun and memories your family makes. Spending time with you, Ben and the boys has been wonderful for us!!