Sunday, October 4, 2015

Disneyland 2015!!!

The boys have never been to Disneyland, and the last time Ben and I went was in 2002. We went all out and wanted to make it really special. We spent 5 days in Anaheim-3 at Disneyland and 2 at California Adventure. I was hoping that by going for a whole week would give me a Disneyland 'fix' so I wouldn't need to go back again. But no luck-it was a lot of work, exhausting and absolutely exhilerating and fun! I want to go back again! Here are some highlights:
Each day the older boys wore matching color bright shirts. We talked with them quite a bit about what to do if they get lost. I am happy to report that we only lost Spencer twice for a minute. :) I was also aprised of Disney trading pins and lanyards. As a special treat we bought a large bunch from Ebay and shared them around. I was the one who got into the trading the most. Ben would take the big boys on a ride and Henry and I would go around the stores and workers and trade pins. I loved it!

Waiting in line for our first entrance into the Disneyland park. My parents came with us too! They live in St. George so we picked them up on the way to Anaheim. My Dad is from the Los Angeles area and was born the same year as Disneyland, so I thought it fitting to have them along. :) Plus, it would be super fun to watch the kids have fun.
This was a highlight for me: meeting Mary Poppins and Burt. My friend Misty made the boys some darling autograph books, and again, I was the one who really got into autographs. The boys were mostly about the rides, and I love the art and splendor of the magic of the park.

 Our first few rides happened to be in Fantasyland, mostly to get us into the swing of things. We did the Carousel and Casey Jr. Train. Henry LOVES trains and this was a favorite. As we rode the Storybook Canal Boats a couple of days later Henry could only focus on the fact that he could see the train from the boat and kept pointing and saying "choo-choo".

 I love this picture because Henry is pointing at Pooh. We decided before he was born that he would love Winnie the Pooh. There is a song in a recent Pooh movie that sings "Honey honey honey honey" in a mesmerizing way and we loved it. Henry was actually dubbed "henny" by Spencer early on. So it all fits.

 The Winnie the Pooh ride is right across from Splash Mountain and became a quick favorite. Ben would take the boys on Splash Mountain while I treated Henry to Winnie the Pooh. Then we would swap. Love it!

 Waiting for the Soundsational Parade which I loved!
Richard and Garrett loved the Matterhorn Bobsleds. It wasn't my favorite because it is really jerky and that Yeti is scary! 

 Swimming in the hotel pool!
 Tuesday we went back to Disneyland. Henry is sad because I'm taking too long. He thinks this is the new norm-eating sandwiches in the shade and riding in his stroller to new and thrilling rides. :)
 Spencer in Radiator Springs Racers. Cars Land really was neat-it looked just like the movie. Again, the artwork and cleverness is amazing to me.

 Grizzly River Run was a favorite because you got cooled off as we went over waterfalls and got soaking wet. Spencer was a trooper-he always seemed to get the most of it.
 The Toy Story Mania and Buzz Light Year Rides were really fun.
 Gotta get caught in the Toon Town Jail.
 Henry trying to pick up the dumbbells.

 Meeting Mickey and Minnie was fairly emotional. Silly me.

 One of the funnest new shows they do is the Star Wars Jedi Training. The cast members pick kids from the audience to come train to be new Padawans. The three olders all got picked and it was so fun!!!

 Best picture of me the whole trip. :)

Spencer was a trooper-he couldn't go on California Screamin' which was absolutely the funnest ride of the whole week. He settled for getting a posed picture.
 And when we returned to Ogden, Henry got upgraded to a toddler bed. Goodbye crib!!!
In Mickey's Fun Wheel-which is a huge ferris wheel. Some of the cars are stationary, but some, like ours, are not.
The boys practicing their Jedi moves.

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