Monday, September 29, 2008

"Good Morning" Ritual

For a long time the boys would come into our room when they woke up in the morning and insist on being in bed with us for some snuggle time. This cracks me up: check out the hair and the huge grins on these little boys' faces. Ben is pretty happy too. :)

This has never happened before: Garrett falling asleep during a meal! He didn't get a nap that day, and I warned Ben that I was afraid he'd need to go to bed extra early while I was at work. Garrett ended up sleeping in his chair for a few minutes and then Ben laid him on the couch for about a half hour. So funny! He actually almost fell asleep at the dinner table in Hawaii too...his naps were few and far between while we were there. We had to really watch him at that time because he could have just fallen right off the chair!

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-A said...

Oh, what would it be like to have a kid fall asleep where ever they happen to be when the drowsiness hits! So, adorable.