Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday Party!

Today was Garrett's 2nd birthday. Yesterday afternoon I baked a simple 9x13 chocolate cake. I figure he's still young enough that I get to choose the kind of cake...:) He'll eat anything, but I felt bad because I know Richard prefers vanilla...but he did branch out and actually ate some of it!! After church we busted out the balloons, gift #1. He loves balloons. They were blue and green (and spongebob) to accentuate our 'ocean' theme. After his nap we opened presents; some books from my parents, a big garbage truck from me and Ben, and a nerf dart gun from Richard. The boys were enthralled with the garbage truck, which is accompanied by our dump truck that my Dad gave Richard several years ago. They both make truck noises and 'do things'. Very fun. Then we had tacos for dinner, I decorated the cake with chocolate frosting, blue icing and sugar candy ocean creatures. Different kind of birthday cake than I've ever made. It was so fun and so easy. We each had a piece (me quite a bit later beacuse I couldn't hold tacos and cake in the same hour) and then watched baby Garrett home movies. It was such a nice simple celebration, and everyone had a good time.


Amy said...

Wow, I'm impressed with the cake, it's adorable! I don't understand how anyone bakes and decorates cakes. . it's simply beyond me. Way to go, though, "Mom." Sounds like an awesome birthday party :)

Jill Hunt said...

I was thinking about Garrett today because I knew it was his birthday. Can you believe our babies are 2? What a cute cake and little party. Jaxon also will be getting balloons because he absolutely loves them!

Olivia Carter said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!