Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Hawaii

On Saturday in Hawaii we went to the Dole Pinapple Plantation. We went on a train ride around the fields, had fresh pineapple, pineapple frozen yogurt and walked through the amazing gift shop. Ben and Richard also went through the maze. It was made like a corn maze, but of course, with pinapple plants. It was a hot, but fun day.

On Sunday went attended church in Honolulu at the Mormon Tabernacle. It was a huge white tabernacle with an open courtyard and fabulous plants and flowers, including plumeria. Those are my favorite. :) We took a scenic route through Waikiki on the way from the church.

On Monday we had lunch with my uncle who lives in Honolulu and I've only met him two other times in my life. Then we dropped Richard off with Grandma at the Honolulu Zoo while the rest of us (Gary, Garrett, Ben, and I) went to the International Market. It's like Pike Place Market in Seattle with tons of little stands and shops selling souveniers, clothing, and other paraphernalia.

This is the boys sitting at the base of the lagoon at Wiamea Falls. It was a pretty hike complete with ancient (some reconstructed) archelogical sites. Interesting. Garrett was placed in a cave by Grandpa. :)

Perhaps one of the most fun things we did was the Luau and Dance at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It is right down the street from the LDS Temple and BYU-Hawaii. During the dinner they asked if anyone was celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, and since our 7th anniversary was last week we went up with several other people and got to be recognized. We also got a few pictures of the temple and lot's of the PCC. It was a fun and late night. Both boys stayed awake (to our dismay) during the show and slept in the car on the way back to the hotel; it was about 11pm when we got back. My camera is now dead, so I can't upload anymore pictures at the moment. :) Pooh, I'll try again later!


Debbie said...

I loved the pineapple plantation. I think I realized my love for pineapples from that trip.

The PCC is so fun too. I'd love to go back again and take Tarl (I went with my family in hs).

What a neat vacation!

Rachel said...

haha, pooh...I am officially jealous of your trip! It made me really want to go again. I'm especially glad you got to try the pineapple ice cream, mmmm...Glad you guys had a fun time and I can't wait till your camera is charged again to see more pictures! Now that I remember your blog addy I'll be a frequent visitor :)

Alan and Jeni said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! My email address is I don't have yours, so send me an email and we can catch up! Sure miss you guys. Emma and Lan have told quite a few people about their friends in Utah, "Little bug" and "Baby bug". :)

Jill Hunt said...

Your trip brings back so many memories. I LOVED the frozen pineapple yogurt!