Saturday, August 16, 2008

We're in Hawaii!

This is the trip to started by leaving Provo on Wednesday around 2pm and making it Boise at a cheap hotel...won't stay there again. Just kind of yucky. Got up around 6:30am, because that's when the boys woke up and on the road again to Seattle to stay with Ben's parents. This is one of the many rest stops we visited on our way to Seattle. The boys did surpisingly well and we even survived the 8:30am 6 hour flight to Hawaii, and here we are! Ben's parents are with us and treating us to their resort time share for a week.

The boys share a fold out couch bed in our room's like a 2 room hotel room with a kitchen and living room in the middle. Gary and Margot have their own room and bathroom.

The 3 hour time change has had a bit of an impact on the boys...they were up at about 3:15am. Grandpa took them to the beach around 6 and then we all went around 9. The boys really didn't want to go in the water, just wanted to play in the sand , digging and making paths to big holes they made. We finally got Richard in the water after about an hour, sitting in our laps and letting the waves wash up on us. I swam out nearly to the border a few times. It's a manmade lagoon and absolutely beautiful. Warm and clear and everything I imagined Hawaii to be...even though it's manmade. :) We had fun burying Ben and Garrett climbed up on him when the waves got closer. That was funny.


Debbie said...

How fun! I've been to Hawaii once and I can't wait to go back. Glad you're enjoying your trip!

Sonja said...

Oh wow! That looks like so much fun! Soak in all that lush, green beauty for us, here in brown, dry Provo, okay?


Jill Hunt said...

I am so jealous! I use to live in Hawaii and I truly miss it. Paul and I hope to go back for our 10 year anniversary which is next year!