Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday evening

At 6pm we decided to go for a ride up the canyon to check on my cousins' cabin in Sundance. We go up once a month to make sure it hasn't been vandalized or flooding or anything amiss. We tried last week but once we turned off the main road, it's not plowed and we couldn't make it up the hill before the we thought we'd try again this week. Well, it started snowing so we didn't even bother turning off the main road. But, we had told the boys we were going to the try to go to the cabin. All Garrett heard was "going to the cabin" and he got really upset when he realized we were going back home. So we stopped at the Sundance resort lodge and Ben took the boys out for a few minutes. They came back after about 15 minutes (during which I had to feed the baby in the car, surprising he doesn't like being in the car seat when he's awake!) and Richard says "Garrett burned his hand." WHAT? Apparently the boys went running toward the fireplace inside the lodge, Garrett tripped, and tried to catch himself against the hot fireplace door. I still need my mom's version of when my younger sister did a similar thing, at Garrett's age! So he cried the whole way home, even though Ben put some ice wrapped in a paper towel on his hand. I started making dinner and Ben took Garrett to the Dr. The picture of him on the floor was last night...he wouldn't eat anything and was quite traumatized, although it was luckily only a 1st degree burn. The other picture of him eating is today, showing me his blackberry and smiling. :) He didn't complain all day about his hand. Last night he kept saying "Glove hurt" He thought the glove was hurting his hand! I'm so grateful he's ok! We have to keep it bandaged foranother 2 days and I even changed the wrap myself this morning!

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Drees009 said...

I'm glad that Garrett's okay. We should compare pictures when I was all bandaged up to his photos and see how alike we look.
In case I haven't told you before, I remember burning my hand on the fireplace and it wasn't because of you. Even though Mom assumed it was your fault I remember exactly how it all played out, and you had no part in it. It was just curious stupidity.