Monday, February 9, 2009

We all made it to church!

So yesterday started out as a happy and busy Sunday. Ben had a meeting an hour before church, and I was able to get everyone fed and dressed while juggling Spencer's moods. You know you feed a baby and think he's all ready for a nap, and you're just about to hop in the shower and you hear him crying...anyway. We decided we'd all go for the whole 3-hour block at church this week. This is the first Sunday we've all gone together since Spencer was born. We just keep Spencer covered in the car seat to ward off children and unwelcome visiting germs. :) So we all made it to church 15 minutes early so I could meet with the Bishop to receive a new calling after (for the first time in my life) not having one for a month. I basically swapped with my friend Claire; she replaced me as Primary President and I am helping with the organ for the Sacrament meeting. Claire was accompanying on the organ for the whole meeting, so now she has some relief since I get to play too. They also asked me to organize mid-week activities to give the stay-at-home moms something to do together. I'll start brainstorming and it should be fun. Anyway, so church was fine, I even got 2 visiting teaching visits in!

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