Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Party!

Garrett turned 3 years old today. We had some neighbor friends over to share Papa Murphy's pizza and a Wall-E cake that I got from Macey's. Garrett got some gift cards from his grandparents, so Ben and I had fun shopping. :) We got him some train set accessories to go with our collection of tracks, including a great deal at Funfinity for a battery-powered Thomas engine. That was sort of the crowning glory of course. On the educational side of things we got him a puzzle that is a challenge for even us, and some wooden stencils that spell simple words. I also procured a great deal on Ebay for the movie Wall-E, 3-disc special edition-woohoo! I think I was more excited about that than Garrett was. :) I also try to buy the boys a hardbound book for their birthdays and Christmas, so we got him an Usborne book as I am now a consultant for the company. There's my plug for Usborne. :) Visit my website at Thanks once again, Uncle Daniel, for taking pictures. Ben's brother, Daniel, has been taking pictures at most of our boys' birthday parties since Richard's first! All in all we had a great time playing with toys, old and new, with our friends Jonah, Nolan, Oliver and Scott. Thanks for a great birthday Garrett, I love you!

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