Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

We were all able to go to $2 buck Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country and Dinosaur Museum. Ben carried Spencer around most of the time, which was nice for me, and we had a pretty good time. I hadn't intended on being outside at the Farm country (we were initially just going to go to the museum, but the line to get in went clear around the building) so I didn't bring hats or sunblock...bad mommy. Richard didn't want to ride on a pony, but Garrett had a good time.

Garrett tried to squeeze through the bars...he had to go back the other way. He has a huge head. :)

After Farm Country we hit the museum as the line had disappeared. In the museum Garrett was pretending he was a scary dinosaur while Spencer napped.

While waiting in line for the Farm Country...the boys were being amused by the baby and Daddy.


Olivia Carter said...

Gotta love that Thanksgiving Point! Looks like you had a blast- was is super busy? I went once & it was like a mad house!

We should go to Farm Country together sometime!

Erin said...

Corinne, we just got back from Washinton too. Wasn't the weather great? I loved the water gun shot with Spencer! Great blog!

Leslie said...

looks like fun! your boys are so cute. 2$ is an awesome deal!! :)