Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 and 5 year old Garrett

So Garrett started kindergarten the day before he turned 5. His birthday was Wednesday, August 31st. He is such a darling, sensitive little person. 

 Spencer likes to swing 'high' on the big swings. He is definitely one to supervise when it comes to climbing and daring attempts, because he will attempt!

 There he goes, off to school! He got a new Darth Vader backpack for his birthday the next day, but he likes the little Thomas one. Richard got that for his 3rd birthday from Aunt Becky.

 Spencer hanging.
 Lining up to go in, and waving good bye.
 Birthday friends from Primary: Ian, Lidia, and Alaya.

 The pinata was a big hit.
 Lidia is amazed at Alaya's hitting technique.
 Look at all the support for Lidia! They're all so happy!
 See Ben warding them off as Ian makes some candy go flying.
Garrett chose a motorcycle cake

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Sabrina O'Malley said...

Happy Birthday and first day of school. So fun to see how big your boys are getting.