Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yearly Campout

So this is the 3rd annual Thornton Family camp-out. We joined the ward camp out up at Lodgepole past Heber. It was a lovely camp ground, but it was right at the foot of the highway and we were graced with huge semi-trucks zooming past all night that sounded like aircraft. It was a really nice group that went. So, highlights of the trip: Spencer burned his hands in the first hour we were there. He jumped up to see the fire and in order to catch himself he landed on the fire pit's metal ring...of course. He has never liked Band-aids, always tries to pull them off. Once we succeeded in wrapping him up with burn cream and gauze he was ok with it, for a while. And as Richard so brilliantly pointed out "Hey we finally got to use the first aid kit in the van." Yea. I've had it in there for years, and have used a few Band-aids but nothing more than that. 

The ward had a pinata for the kids and one for the adults. We went in age order. :) Ben and I were at the top. Like, right after the Bishop and his wife. Then we roasted S'mores and then it was bed time for Garrett, so I took him and Spencer and got us all ready and while they went to sleep I read in the other tent. Yes, we invested in a little 4 man tent from Emergency Essentials. That store has a lot of expensive stuff, but for $38 I couldn't have asked for a better little tent. After a while I thought about going to sleep where I was as that was the original plan, but I was too cold all by myself in there! Dang it, I always forget how cold it gets at night, in the summer, in the mountains, when you're trying to sleep. So I crawled into Ben's mummy bag and slept near the little boys for extra warmth. Over all it was a fun experience and I was pleased with how well everyone behaved and helped, etc. 

 This was not hot , FYI. He burned his hands on a different later on. 

 Once it's Garrett's bedtime, nothing else matters.
 Whoever invented strollers for restraining little toddler boys was a genius. :)

Thanks for the head lamps Dad; they came in really handy and Richard especially like them. :)

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