Monday, September 19, 2011

Spencer being adorable

Spencer is adorable. It's not said enough. :) Here he is singing to the birthday card that Garrett got from my parents for his 5th birthday a few weeks ago. My mom likes to send the singing birthday cards, and the boys love them. Spencer even throws in the cough from the chipmunk and giggle at the end. He also has gotten in the extremely cute habit of wearing a backpack like his older brothers, complete with water bottle in the side pouch. If I say it's time to pick one of them up from school he has to have his backpack on too. I have yet to get a picture of him in his Thomas backpack, but here is sporting his monkey back pack. We've been watching random pictures of the boys ever since Richard was born on our screen saver and it brings back so many memories and I've had a really hard time accepting how much they are all growing up and that their sweet babiness is just a memory.
   Spencer holds me around the neck and still plays with my hair all the time. He is such a good comfort to me when I can't cope. I get to the point where I feel like no one cares, Heavenly Father has abandoned me, and then all of a sudden there is Spencer with a great big hug and cuddle. Fine. That is supposed to be my sign that Heavenly Father sent me the right child. Sort of like when I miscarried at 11 weeks several years ago and although he didn't know it, Richard was the best medicine I could've had. Just his presence helped me get through it. Garrett could always make me laugh with his huge mouth and happy face. Here are some cute boy pictures:
 Richard 11 months
 Garrett 8 months
Spencer 8 months


Olivia Carter said...

Aw, that's so sweet! He is such a sweet boy & I'm glad you have him in your life- you deserve it!

Gayle Daly said...

Very sweet post Corinne.

*Alice Anne* said...

It's so crazy how similar they looked to each other! Haha. My mom has a hard time telling pictures of two of my brothers apart from when they were little. Anyways, hope you're doing great!